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Kathie's Story

Aging gracefully as they say, is a real thing. It is not a quick fix, rather a lifestyle change. A more meaningful journey, something you can be proud of as you see the results that are happening to YOU.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, talk about a life check. The body part that I thought made me a woman was about to be removed permanently.

Through my cancer journey, I started to research natural treatments to aid me during the process. Being diagnosed acted as a wake up call to utilize products more beneficial to my body. This decision made me ponder why I hadn’t used them before the sickness.

Cancer opened my eyes to so many things. It caused me to acknowledge the simple beauty within scars, the soul, personal strength and the power courage holds. Often we forget just how capable we are of making it through the worst and commemorating ourselves for embodying hope.

One of the most valuable life lessons I’ve taken away is the importance of self love. Throughout our lives, we constantly criticize ourselves. Without a chance of forgiveness, without an acknowledgement of misconceptions or how far we have truly come; we seem to never catch a break. Although it can be a tough one to chew, we must love ourselves because we are the best people we’ve got.

I combined my academic background in nursing with my new knowledge of natural beauty as well as wellness and officially opened the Reborn Beauty Studio five years ago.

Our Mission

To help women realize their beauty.

In today’s society, unrealistic beauty standards make it hard to feel worthy or valued. I want to show women how to be confident within their own skin through natural beauty treatments. My hope is to bring about confidence as well as supporting their journey in finding their own kind of beautiful.

Our Studio

Within our studio we have several high tech machines designed to help achieve your beauty goals. Some of these include a Dry Infrared Sauna, an 8D Infrared Endospheres cellulite machine, a 5D laser lipo as well as Ultrasound Cavitation and RD Fractional Microneedling. We also offer Plasma Fibroblast treatments otherwise known as non-invasive skin tightening procedures.

Our goal here at Reborn Beauty is to create a safe space in which all of our clients feel comfortable entering.

We are here to make you feel and look great!

Meet Our Team

Kathie Schall

Owner & Technician

Stacie Rickell

Office Manager / Tech Assistant

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